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Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions . 2014.

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  • Anprolene — is a registered trade name for ethylene oxide that belongs to Andersen Sterilizers.Harold W. Andersen invented Anprolene in 1967 [ [ Andersen Products: Product Name ] ] and used plastic bags and small… …   Wikipedia

  • Sterilization (microbiology) — Sterilization (or sterilisation, see spelling differences) refers to any process that effectively kills or eliminates transmissible agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, etc.) from a surface, equipment, article of food or… …   Wikipedia

  • Gas diffusion method — Gas diffusion refers to a sterilization method for heat, moisture or pressure sensitive items, with the exception of food, drugs or liquids. This method is reliable and economically feasible for smaller loads and is frequently seen in hospitals,… …   Wikipedia

  • Катоптрика — (κατά внутри, ϋπτομαι видеть) часть оптики, излагающая законы отражения света от зеркальных поверхностей и применение этих законов к устройству оптических инструментов. Когда световая волна идет из одной среды в другую (см. Диоптрика, Свет) и… …   Энциклопедический словарь Ф.А. Брокгауза и И.А. Ефрона

  • Anprobe — An|pro|be [ anpro:bə], die; , n: das Anprobieren eines [in Arbeit befindlichen] Kleidungsstückes: sie hatte einen Termin zur Anprobe bei ihrer Schneiderin; man sollte nie ein Kleidungsstück ohne vorherige Anprobe kaufen. * * * Ạn|pro|be 〈f. 19〉 1 …   Universal-Lexikon

  • formulette — nf. fl., rimaille, (pour certains jeux d enfants) : fanfyourna <chansonnette, historiette> nf. (Albanais), anprô nm. (Genève), kashe nf. (Vaud) …   Dictionnaire Français-Savoyard

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